Tuesday, March 20, 2012


~Well kids, it has officially arrived....spring that is.  How do i know for sure IT has arrived.?  Well, for one thing, those lovey orange cylindrical accessories to the freeway are popping up everywhere!!! As are the black holes of doom some may call pot holes!! Now, for those of you who are not from around these parts, both these 'spring' phenomena are found on just about every road traveled. It wouldn't be so bad if these things were actually a sign of progress, but i assure you they are not!!  See, for some odd reason, the powers that be around here...the road dept......don't care about our sanity.  Much less our vehicles undercarriage!!  I am pretty sure their protocol for  the Holes of Doom are as follows:
     1.ignore said hole until someone complains about it.
     2.Then ignore complaint awhile.
     3.Then, when complaints pile up, act as though something will be done about it.
     4.Then, in an effort to appear as though it may be fixed in the near future...place one orange barrel next to said hole.  In case there is a vehicle left in the city that has NOT seen it yet.
     5. Then send an overpaid/under qualified/non union worker to fix hole.
     6. The above worker shall throw an unusually large amount of tar/asphalt into said hole.
     **note, the above action will be removed by the next winter's snow plows to reveal an even larger hole
of doom.

Whew, I am tired just thinking about all the time the city has wasted not taking the proper care of our streets.  Moral of the story,,,,,watch our for the holes of doom!!! And don't stand next to the pretty orange barrels in spring.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

~Good Food

~So, on the event of OREO cookie being 100 years old today.  I say, what the crap!!!  See, my body cannot properly digest a protein found in wheat and other things called gluten. So, I should not eat items that contain WHEAT.  In case you didn't know, wheat is in about everything in the standard western diet!!! And yes, sad to say....OREOs.;c(  I am grieving today, not just for these amazing crunchy sweet chocolaty discs of heaven, but also for the GIRL SCOUT COOKIES which I should also not consume.
This past weekend I spent allot of time snacking on what I should not have.  I admit it, I am powerless sometimes against what I refer to as 'the Devel' Gluten!! I know exactly what will transpire 6 to 12 hours after consuming said food....still, I eat it!!  What is wrong with me.?
Well, I have a theory.  Bear with me kids, this may get a bit complicated.
I believe that God created us perfectly, in his image. Right down to the lining of my intestines and my digestion process.  I also believe that God's favorite angel not only fell from heaven but he reeks havoc on those of us walking on this earth.  He(that bad guy) want to kill,steal,and destroy all the beauty of God's creation.  Here's where the Gluten comes in.  I don't believe that because my body will not digest Gluten that I am somehow disobedient,tainted,or not walking close enough to the Lord.  On the contrary . I see Gluten as an arrow directed at me form the enemy that I have to resist and put on the armour of God to defend myself form.  Now, some of you who have read this far are thinking I have lost my marbles...but I assure you I am full of marbles at this moment!!  After spending time in thought about my health, I have come to two conclusions.  One, i am the decision maker here.  God gives us free will to choose the path we go.  And second, the apple in the garden was most certainly made of a Gluten based protein.  Why else was it off limits to Adam and Eve???? Just a thought..

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Reef

~Well kids, I now have a legit reason for my Non-boating loving self imposed apprehension...a little movie I watched today called The Reef.  Apparently based on  a TRUE story of some mates who were shipwrecked and all of them but ONE was eaten by a shark.  Okay, so there is no confusion here....not all at the same time!!  It hunted them down one by own and terrorized them.  The lucky lady who survived was rescued by a fishing vessel on a giant coral reef. Sooooo, the lesson I learned at watching a movie I probably had no business watching was...ta daaaa.... sharks really do eat people!!! I mean, how arrogant are we as humans to even think that we belong swimming about in their homes wearing suits that make us appear to be some sort of dinner for them!!  Don't get me wrong, I LOVEEEE the ocean.  I cried the first time I saw it, which by the way was when I was 19 years old.  What can I say, I am from a square state. Closest ocean is like 9 hours away!! Anyway, I wanted to share my thoughts on sharks,how they will and do eat humans!! And also my thoughts about boating so far out in the ocean one cannot see the precious land we call home safe home.~Just a thought.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

~Hello again old friend......

~Well hello there old friend Blog.:c)  I have decided, I mean realllllyyyyyy decided to do this.  i know that before i may have said that I am serious about recording my thoughts for the whole world to read.  But, I have new inspiration now.  You might say, I have a new muse.;c)  I will expound on her at a later date, for now, I shall just share my thoughts,pictures,poems, songs, and stories for now.
So, story for today:

Where did winter go???? We normally have had at least 4 or 5 snowstorms by now, this time of year.  We have only had to shovel one time!!!!!!!!!!!  It all seems a bit surreal to me.  The other day I was in the grocery store, a woman behind me, who I had made eye contact with, asked me what I thought about the weather.  Now, mind you, that day it was 55 degrees out!! I don't know?? I said.  She leaned in towards me and whispered," I think it is a sign of the end times!!"  Those of you who know me know that this girl loves JESUS, and reads the Bible. I had to premiss my next statement with that.:c0  I said.....no, I think we should blame Al Gore and his Global Warming!!!!  She huffed and gave me a tsk tsk sound.:c) This was funny for two reason, one because I always make conversation with strangers in the checkout line, even the grumpy looking ones.  Two because of her reaction.:c) i wish I had a photo of her face, it was priceless.  Now, I am not a synic, or don't feel the need to step on peoples faith based views on the weather, I was just trying to make her smile...........fail.